"Style is saying who you are without having to speak." -Rachel zoe


Nate is a corporate-turned-creative who pursues 'style making' through events, décor and florals.

It's always about the attention to details when he's planning or preparing - whether that be for a corporate meeting, professional décor installation or an exclusive VIP excursion. Nate brings over 20 years of experience in the field.

When he's not working (wait - when is that?), he's likely travelling, planning for Halloween every day of the year or enjoying a cocktail. And, yes...that's a picture of him feeding a giraffe at an event.  

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"it takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos." -Mel odum


Don't let the picture fool you; Lyndsee is all business - until she's not. 

Our number one event manager, Lyndsee makes visions realities. Her superpower is anticipating what's to come. She also navigates situations by making very detailed lists in advance that become invaluable in the moment. She's quick on her feet, and she's the one you want helping through every stage of a project: concept, planning and execution.

Lyndsee enjoys Mexican food, all things related to the University of Cincinnati, sports and spending time with her active family.